Hammers for Hope

P.O. Box 1612

Middletown, CA 95461-1612

CONTACTS: Danielle Seperas, (916) 491-3377

Debra Sommerfield, (707) 263-2277


April 27, 2012

Nonprofit Hammers for Hope provides help with home repairs
to seniors, low-income families, others in need

Lake County, Calif. — For many people in need, minor home repairs can prove challenging, either physically, financially, or both. A new nonprofit corporation – Hammers for Hope – has formed to provide free and low-cost home repairs and upgrades to those in need in Lake and Sonoma counties.

The mission of Hammers for Hope is to assist seniors, low-income individuals and families, and people with disabilities in making minor home repairs to improve comfort and safety.

“Our hope is that we can make things a little easier for people,” said Mark Borghesani, Hammers for Hope’s chief financial officer and president and general manager for Kelseyville Lumber. “If we can help by installing a wheelchair ramp to make it easier for someone to get around their house or upgrading windows to make a drafty house warmer, that’s what we want to do.”

The primary focus of the program is to assist with short-term home repair projects under $5,000 in materials and labor. Examples of repair projects include minor roof repairs, painting, weatherproofing and insulation, and minor carpentry, electrical, and plumbing repairs, as well as installation of wheelchair access ramps.

Hammers for Hope is a collaborative effort made possible by the work of local contractors and community volunteers with major funding provided by Calpine Corporation and assistance from Kelseyville Lumber.

Upon learning about the program, several local contractors have stepped forward to pledge their support, many lowering their costs and, in some cases, volunteering much of their time and talent to make a project happen.

“The goal is to make the funds go as far as possible, and we can do that with local volunteer help, in-kind support, and donations,” said Danielle Matthews Seperas, Hammers for Hope’s vice president and manager of government and community affairs for Calpine Corporation. “We want to reach as many people in our community as we can.”

Project eligibility will be determined based on several factors, including the applicant’s need, the type and extent of repairs, the availability and ability of volunteers and/or contractor crews, and available funds. Proof of income and other documentation may be required.

“If it weren’t for the generosity and community commitment of Calpine, Kelseyville Lumber, and our local contractors, none of this would be possible,” said Rob Brown, Hammers for Hope’s president. “Each of these businesses understands the importance of giving back to those in need and has made the commitment to helping others right here in our own community.”

For more information about Hammers for Hope or to apply for assistance, donate, or volunteer, call (707) 349-2628.